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Carrier Oils

Goddess Annual Christmas Celebration

Dear Goddesses, Elaine Dodson here inviting you to our fun Annual Goddess Holiday Celebration. This season brings in the energies of love, joy and peace as we honor all goddesses and spiritual beings. This year is a special gathering as we are inaugurating our newly decorated Sanctuary at Kalachandjis. This space will seat 200 people […]
Apricot Kernel Oil

An All-Purpose Oil

Have you ever used Apricot Kernel (Persea armeniaca) oil when making aromatherapy blends? It is good for all skin types...
Balm of Gilead

A First-Aid Oil

Balm of Gilead (Populous balsamifera) oil is an analgesic, anti-microbial, skin regenerator and cytophalactic. This resin is an ingredient in cough syrups and first-aid salves, used to heal small wounds, cuts, and scrapes.