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Organic Natural Perfumes

Dorey Perfume

These 100% organic natural perfumes, True, by Dorey Perfumes, are free of harsh chemicals and additives and can be used to complement other aromatherapy products.

The key difference in Natural Perfumery is the staying power of the fragrance. A natural perfume should last 4-6 hours. The oilier the skin type, the longer it will last.

Natural Perfumes have the wonderful quality of being able to mix with each individual’s unique body chemistry to create a fragrance that is uniquely your own.

Natural Perfumes have a shelf life of two years but often get better with age.

Natural Perfumes should be stored in a cool dark place away from heat, light and moisture.

Natural Perfumes are made with genuine essential oils and have some precautions to note:

  • Do not use while pregnant or nursing
  • Keep away from children
  • Not for internal use
  • Flammable. Keep away from flame.

True: Citrus

citrus-perfume-groupUnexpectedly complex, True: Citrus greets you with unexpected head notes of black pepper, clary and ho wood.

Its middle notes emerge as a floral citrus with rose and may change and are anchored by base notes of patchouli and rock rose.

Light, springy and happy, this complex citrus natural perfume is one that can be worn by men and women and interestingly, can be easily mixed with True: Verdant.


50 ml True:Verdant Natural Perfume  50 ml – $140.00



5 ml refillable spray- $30.00 




4 ml Spritzer True:Citrus

4 ml spritzer – $20.00 



 TRUE: Jewels

IMG_4965Classic, sophisticated and warm. TRUE: Jewels greets you with pimento berry, black pepper and galbanum. Followed by heart notes of precious rose, jasmine and neroli finishing with base notes with sandalwood, tobacco and mysterious oud.





50 ml spritzer – $160.00 



IMG_49405 ml refillable decorative spray – $35.00 



4 mL – $25.00 


True: Verdant

verdant-perfume-groupFrom the Latin, viridis, green, lush and luxuriant.

Verdant is a complex, happy, androgynous fragrance with an appeal to both men and women.

Top notes of spruce, eucalyptus and sage transition into heart notes of true Melissa and marjoram.

A rich woody base note arrives and lingers with the warmth of balsam, fir and vetiver.

Light yet warm, this fragrance is one that can be worn both day and evening.



50 ml True:Verdant Natural Perfume50 ml – $150.00



5 ml refillable spray- $30.00 




4 ml True:Verdant Spritzer Natural Perfume4 ml spritzer – $20.00 


Infused Body Oil and Body Crème


Each one of our fragrances comes in a cream or perfume oil.

Our beautiful blends of infused oils are incorporated into these body oils and body crèmes. These exotic fragrances will uplift you and transport you to faraway lands for an experience to delight your senses.

Enjoy one or all of our three fragrances: Edelweiss, Black Currant and Jasmine

Infused Oils

Body Crèmes:

Black Currant:

One ounce $24.00



One ounce $24.00



One ounce $24.00

Body Oil:

Black Current:

50 mL $24.00



50 mL




50 mL


Solid Perfume

Solid Morning meadowsolid deep forrest









Our Solid Perfumes are made for easy transportation and allow you to add a quick touch of fragrance. We off two beautiful scents, Morning Meadow and Deep Forrest.

Morning Meadow  is a lightly floral and citrus scent reminding you of a fresh new morning. With beautiful top notes of pink grapefruit and bitter orange, middle notes of linden, min and clary; followed by base notes of frankincense, tobacco and fir to add solidity and warmth.

Our Deep Forest harkens back to the enigmatic feeling of being in the deep woods. Quiet. Elusive. Top notes greet you with citrus, pink pepper and a strong heart note of mint. With a base of ambrette, tobacco and oakmoss contributing even greater depth.

Each 10 gram container is priced at $40.00

Deep Forest: 

10 grams – $40.00 


Morning Meadow:

10 grams – $40.00