Our WellCare Inhalers are a convenient and easy way to carry your essential oils with you to use on a moment’s notice. Great for travel! Use two inhalations per nostril as needed.



Anxious?  Worried?  Overwhelmed?  This is the inhaler for you.  Made for the nominees of the 89th Annual Academy Awards, using some of my favorite essential oils.  Moroccan chamomile is also excellent when allergies are running high.  It helps to interrupt the histamine cycle.  The aroma is rounded out with bergamot and lavender, the other go-to oils for anxiety.  This one will become your new favorite.

Breathe Easy:

To open stuffy sinuses, we use organic rosemary and spearmint.


Each of us experiences Grief from time to time. While it is never easy to deal with our Grief inhaler will help ease and uplift your spirit during these difficult times. Can be used alone or in conjunction with our Grief Support Cream. This soothing blend of Rose Absolute, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Laurel, Sweet Orange and Melissa is designed to center and uplift you.

 Immune Boost

For times of transition such as stress, weather or travel, to keep your immune system strong, the Immune Support Inhaler uses an organic blend of eucalyptus, black spruce, and vetiver.

 Mental Focus:

This organic essential oil blend uses Saro, Patchouli and Rosemary to help maintain focus at work or home, or whenever you need to concentrate on the job at hand.

Muscle Tension/Headache Pain:

Great for the stress brought on by travel, computer work or too much sun. A refreshing blend of rosemary, spruce, lavender and peppermint. It smells clean and uplifting!

 Stress Relief

For instant relief in acutely stressful situations, the Stress Relief Inhaler uses an organic blend of lavender, bergamot* and rosewood.

4 Pack:

Invigorate your body with this four pack of our inhalers. Each pack contains one of the following:

Breathe Easy, Mental Focus, Stress Relief, Immune Boost

*furano coumarin free


Product Description

Mary Ellen Dorey explains how Emotional Support Products can be used every day:

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Bliss, Breathe Easy, Immune Boost, Mental Focus, Muscular/Headache Pain, Stress/Relax, Grief, 4 Pack