One barely feels the citrus note of the bergamot upon first whiff of Mahogany.  The bergamot is anchored with howood and palmarosa leading you directly into the soft floral of the heart notes with a hint at the base note of vanilla.

Within moments, there is an emerging soft floral of jasmine, lavender absolute and a touch of clary sage bringing you in.  Warming.  Inviting.

As the base notes take over, this is where the fragrance has wanted you to go.  The softness of the vanilla helps to transition you from the jasmine, and frankly, from the top notes of bergamot, howood and palmarosa.  Welcome to my world, Mahogany says.

Mahogany is a perfume of the woods.  Patchouli, vetiver, ambrette.  Rich, dark, musky and solid.  Mahogany is stable in a world of shifting sands.  It is tradition and fortitude.  It is the friend you can always rely on.

Mahogany smells comforting to true men.  It is refreshing to strong women.  It is the fragrance of those who strive to make a difference.  It is the perfume of the everyday warriors.


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5 mL, 10 mL