Roll-On Two Pack



    • Anxiety

For those times when anxious feelings threaten to overwhelm you. A lovely blend of bergamot*, lavender and frankincense.


    • Headache

A blend of cornmint, lavender and linden blossom. Smells fresh and slightly floral

    • Sleep

For those nights when counting sheep just isn’t working. Use as needed. Blended with hops flower, neroli/petitgrain, vetiver and chamomile german. Recommend misting yourself and your bed linens with our Sleep Spray, too. Good night!

    • Tummy

For those times when you have eaten too much, or what you have eaten doesn’t like you. Here is a soothing and strengthening blend of red mandarin, black pepper, clove bud and spearmint.


Additional information

1st Roll-On

Anxiety, Headache, Sleep, Tummy

2nd Roll-On

Anxiety, Headache, Sleep, Tummy