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Product Description

Individualized Services
by Mary Ellen Dorey using
Dorey AromaTherapy Products


Individual Aromatherapy Consultations

This is a personalized approach excellent for those who want a more individualized aromatherapy consultation. Assessments can be done for any age individual.  After consultation, custom made formulas are created for to you to address specific concerns.  Products and instructions for use are sent directly to you via USPS or UPS.  A 1 hour intake is followed up with a 3- 4 month supply of custom blended serums and/or cream based formulas.

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1 hour consultation –  $125.00 plus cost of personalized products

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Our Clients say….

My new favorite place for reflexology. I had a session today and I left feeling like a million bucks. Mary Ellen knows how to melt the stress away and it is such a relaxing experience that I tend to get so relaxed and fall asleep. Highly recommend Dorey Aroma Therapy and Reflexology.” ~ Sandy Hart

“I just enjoyed the best reflexology treatment I’ve ever had. It was FANTASTIC! Thank you and I can’t wait until my next treatment. If you have never had this done – you are missing out. Run don’t walk to set up a session. Thank You Mary Ellen!”~ Teresa Tankersley Cooper

“Dorey Aromatherapy has made a major impact on my everyday life! As a professional fitness trainer, my day starts very early and ends late, requiring high energy. I had been struggling to sleep well and did not realize how poor quality of sleep I was getting until I began using Dorey products. After just four days of using her products, I had the best night sleep I had received in several months! I now fall asleep quickly and enter a deep sleep, even when it is a ten minute nap, awakening refreshed! Additionally, I now have health, steady energy rather than extremely high energy and then a crash. I strive to be as healthy as possible and the aromatherapy was a piece I was missing. I am very grateful to Mary Ellen for the personalized service and quality products she provides for me!

“I would highly recommend trying Dorey Aromatherapy and seeing how it can enhance your life!”

—Kay Simms, M.S., CSCS, HFI
Professional Trainer

European Style Reflexology

ReflexologyThis is a unique reflexology technique where after an essential oil foot soak,  the major organ systems are assessed; custom aromatherapy formulas are gently applied to the feet and later re-assessed.  Warm bamboo finishes the treatment.  The use of a unique crystal face mask is also included.  Clients describe this treatment as very relaxing and uplifting.  Regular treatments promote wellness and vitality for the whole body, mind and spirit.  Bundled prices options are available.

For an appointment email or call 972-567-3962.

Initial appointment: 90 minutes – $110

Established clients: 60 minutes – $85

Ayurvedic Reflexology Treatment (Pedi-Karma)

Pedi-karmaBased on ancient Ayuvredic techniques, this reflexology treatment combines a foot soak using Ayurvedic cleansing salts, kansa bowl massage (said to de-acidify the body) and warm towel treatment with Ayurvedic oils and powders.  This treatment is stimulating and supporting for the whole body.  It is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the recipient.  Perhaps, but I do know that this luxurious treatment leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.  This is one to choose when you are recuperating, have toxicity issues or long standing stress.  Bundled prices options are available.

For an appointment email or call 972-567-3962.

1-1/4 hours – $110.00

Reiki/Trinity Energy Progression

ReikiReiki is an energy balancing technique whereby the hands are placed gently on the body to restore, re-balance and nurture energy flow and balance for the whole body.  Bundled prices options are available.

For an appointment email or call 972-567-3962.

1 hour  – $75.00

Touch With Oils® Hand Massage

Touch With Oils

Developed by Candace Newman, this is a trademarked technique using specific aromatherapy products. It is deeply relaxing and balancing to the autonomic nervous system. This massage is excellent for all ages. It is both safe and comforting to even those who are very ill.

For an appointment email or call 972-567-3962.

Touch With Oils® Hand Massage – $35.00



  • Cancellations must be made 24-hours in advance or penalty charges will result.
  • All appointments must be secured with a credit card.

Appointments are located at:

LUXE Salon and Spa
4017 Preston Rd. #525
Plano, TX 75093

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