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Message in a Bubble Bath Fizzies

“Message in a Bubble®”
Bath Fizzies

For the spa experience at home…

What is a bath fizzie?

It is a chemical reaction between baking soda and citric acid. (We use dehydrated lemon juice). When the fizzie hits the water, it fizzes, releasing lots of bubbles and fragrant essential oils. With additional goodies like Epsom salts, corn starch, kaolin clay and cold pressed grape seed oil, these fizzies would be fun by themselves, but we add our unique essential oil formulas and an inspirational quote inside each one for the total sensory and body indulgent experience!

So as the the fizzie dissolves in the tub, you get to search for your own “Message in a Bubble®”

Directions for the optimal body experience:

  • Fill bath with warm water (as you like it).
  • Have a bottle of water and a cold washcloth next to the tub before you get in.
  • Step into the tub.
  • Release the bath fizzie (after you have taken off the plastic wrapping)
  • Giggle and enjoy the gentle fragrance.
  • Look for the “Message in a Bubble®”
  • Soak from the neck down for 10-20 minutes.
  • Do not use soap, shower gel or shampoo.
  • Use the cold washcloth to refresh your face. (You may perspire!)
  • Drink the water.
  • Towel off and notice how soft your skin feels.

Learn more and order Message in a Bubble® Bath Fizzies:


Very uplifting and yet relaxing…some of the essential oils used in this blend are also excellent for the blues because they are so uplifting. This is a lovely combination of jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang. Ylang ylang is known as the “Happy Hour Oil”! While you may think this is a woman’s blend, men find this to be very pleasing.

Note: Not for use during pregnancy.

Aphrodisiac/Happy Bath Fizzies – 1 pack – $6.00

Aphrodisiac/Happy Bath Fizzies – 2 pack – $11.75

Après Sport

Great for the weekend warrior (you name the project–garage, garden, training, football, etc.) or after that great work out with the new trainer….or getting back into working out after a lapse…an effective blend of black pepper and Bulgarian lavender. Can be used anytime, day or night.

Note: Not for use during pregnancy.


Après Sport Bath Fizzies – 1 pack – $6.00

Après Sport Bath Fizzies – 2 pack – $11.75


This is the one to use when you are coming down with something and you just don’t feel quite right. A hot fizzie bath and a good night’s sleep will provide you with a brighter perspective and renewed energy in the morning. We have had customers tell us that this knocked a cold using just this fizzie! This is a great combination of eucalyptus, pine and myrtle.

Note: Not for use during pregnancy.


Cold/Respiratory Bath Fizzies – 1 pack – $6.00

Cold/Respiratory Bath Fizzies – 2 pack – $11.75


Our most popular “Message in a Bubble®” bath fizzie, this one really takes the edge off after a long day when you have just had enough! Soak and get some sleep. You really will feel better in the morning! Made with our organic or wild crafted pure, authentic essential oils of petitgrain, yarrow and chamomile.

Note: Not for use during pregnancy.


Stress/Relax Bath Fizzies – 1 pack – $6.00

Stress/Relax Bath Fizzies – 2 pack – $11.75

“Message in a Bubble®” 4 Pack

Includes all four types: Stress/Relax, Après Sport, Aphrodisiac/Happy, Cold/Respiratory:


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