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Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs

Daily use promotes circulation and lymphatic cleansing.

Can be used in the shower or bath after soap and water cleansing. Using a small amount in a circular motion, apply onto skin paying special attention to inside of arms and legs moving up towards the heart. Apply a small amount in a circular motion on the tummy starting at the lower right and moving up and around. For women, apply onto the breast area in a circular motion finishing at the underarm area.

Filled with naturally anti-bacterial natural turbindo and brown sugars, each blend smell wonderful and will leave skin feeling soft and luxurious.

4 Varieties:

Invigorating Citrus Sugar Scrub:

Pure lemon and orange to wake up your senses.


16 oz. – $29.00 


Refreshing Cypress Sugar Scrub

Our most popular blend combines cypress, juniper berry and lavender for a deeply cleansing, fresh scented scrub that both men and women find to be appealing.

16 oz. – $29.00 


Relaxing Tuberose Sugar Scrub

Created for those night time shower girls…this scrub is elegant, fragrant and deeply relaxing. This one has many loyal fans….and yes, this is made with genuine tuberose! The scent is divine!

16 oz. – $29.00 


Stimulating Mint Sugar Scrub

Spearmint and peppermint combine to give you that energizing feeling.

16 oz. – $29.00 




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