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WellCare Products

WellCare Products

Aches Away Balm
Adrenal Support
Aromatic Sprays






Aura Cleanse Serum
Breathe Easy Sinus Support Cream
Bruise Away Cream






Cold Blast Serum
Cold Stop
Cold Stop Serum
Dermatitis Cream






Emotional Support Cream
Hair/Scalp Treatment






Immune Boost
Immune Boost Serum
Infused Oils
Inhaler Four Pack






Dry Brush
Dry Brush 
Lymphatic Support Foot Cream
Lymphatic Cleanse Serum






Lymphatic Support Spray
Lymphatic Support Powder
Lymphatic Support Powder
Nail Fungus Serum






No More Pain
Respiratory Rescue Cream






Custom Formulas

customCustom formulations are available with full evaluation via Skype, FaceTime or in person (available for local residents to Texas). Please contact me to set up your appointment.

The evaluation takes approximately 1 hour, costs $125.00 plus the cost of subsequent formulas.


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