Men’s Beard and Face Oil


Have you ever seen a beard on a man that glows with health and depth of color?  I have only seen one or two.  But that was the inspiration for this blend.

Regular application of Beard Oil will moisturize your beard and skin and provide a nuanced fragrance when you invite someone close into your personal space.

Moisturizing to face and beard.

One or two pumps of this subtle aromatic blend is all you need.

Take a nice deep inhalation and massage into your face and beard to moisturize and protect your face and whiskers.  Made of pure, authentic, organic essential oils including frankincense, patchouli, lavender and a touch of rose otto in an organic botanical base, it will lift your mood. Excellent after shaving or après shower.

A few drops are all you need to ensure you are fully dressed for your day or night.


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