What is that?  I inquire to myself.  The notes that strike my nose are both soothing and inviting.  There is a deep, unknown, exotic quality about it yet it is also approachable with a floral invitation.

There is a soft richness about the blend.  I don’t get the overt top notes that one usually gets with a fragrance.  It is neither spicy, nor floral yet I get a sense of open freshness.   There is cinnamon and black pepper present but they are tempered by the addition of palmarosa and howood.

As it lingers, I now get a dusty softness of rose.  The quiet heart note rose addition is tempered by blending it with clary sage and lavender absolute.

Opening up further to reveal the base notes, the floral note is cemented with labdanum and rounded out with frankincense, ambrette and patchouli.  None of these base notes stands out but rather work together as a team to create something that is both warm, intriguing and alluring.

Fireside conjures up chilly fall evenings spent by the fireplace with serenity and relaxation.  Created for a woman, this blend could also appeal to a man.  I suspect it would smell quite sexy on a dark haired man with the base notes coming to the foreground.


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5 mL, 10 mL