Many choices of easy to use, private and immediately effective inhalers make them our most popular item in our assortment.

If you have never used an inhaler, try one today and you will know why they are so loved by our customers and clients!

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Our Inhalers are an easy, portable, private and convenient way to experience almost immediate mental/emotional support because they affect the limbic brain via inhalation.  Made with a touch of jojoba oil to soothe your nostrils, these pure, authentic, organic or wild crafted essential oil blends will support you on a moment’s notice. Great for travel too!  Use two inhalations per nostril as needed.


Anxious?  Worried?  Overwhelmed?  This is the inhaler for you.  Made for the nominees of the 89th Annual Academy Awards, using some of our favorite pure, authentic, organic essential oils.  Moroccan chamomile is excellent when allergies are running high.  It helps to interrupt the histamine cycle.  The aroma is rounded out with bergamot* and lavender, the other go-to oils for anxiety.  This one will become your new favorite.

*furono cumerin free

Breathe Easy:

To open stuffy sinuses, we use pure, authentic, organic rosemary and spearmint.


When you are fasting or have over-indulged, a few whiffs of this inhaler can help take the edge off. Made with pure, authentic, organic essential oils of vetiver, Moroccan chamomile, and pine.  This refreshing blend will make you smile.


Each of us experiences grief from time to time. Specifically formulated to assist the sad heart, this blend can be used alone or in conjunction with our Grief Support Cream  to help in times of deep sorrow. A beautiful blend of pure, authentic, organic essential oils of  sandalwood, frankincense, laurel, sweet orange, Melissa and rose absolute, it is designed to center and uplift you.

Immune Boost

For times of transition such as stress, weather or travel, and to keep your immune system strong, the Immune Support Inhaler uses a pure, authentic, organic essential oil blend of eucalyptus, black spruce, and vetiver.

Mental Focus

This inhaler was developed for a grad student who needed focus while studying.  He loved it! It has also been helpful for those with memory issues to keep them more present and engaged.

The adage “Rosemary is for remembrance” is true here.  Made with pure, authentic, organic essential oils of rosemary and patchouli.  Now you will find your car keys!

Muscle Tension/Headache Pain

Great for the stress brought on by travel, computer work or too much sun. A refreshing blend pure, authentic, organic essential oils of rosemary, spruce, lavender and peppermint. It smells clean and uplifting!


For those moments when you need a little boost to help you through those daily trials.  A balanced blend of pure, authentic, organic essential oils of bergamot*, lavender and frankincense will do the trick!

*furano cumerin free

Travel Blend

For relief of symptoms related to motion sickness and travel fatigue. This blend of pure, authentic, organic essential oils of lemon myrtle, peppermint, cornmint and ginger will help you feel better in no time.


Boost your spirits and feel more energized with this blend of pure, authentic, organic essential oils of sandalwood, frankincense, laurel, sweet orange, Melissa and rose absolute.

Eco-friendly Refillable Inhaler

Our beautiful and Eco-friendly 5 ml inhalers can be filled with any of our standard inhaler formulas.

These large inhalers last at least 18 months!  A worthwhile investment!  They can be refilled at any time at a reduced cost.

Custom blends in these container are available ($10 upcharge) by contacting us here.

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Bliss, Breathe Easy, Detox, Grief, Immune Boost, Mental Focus, Muscular/Headache Pain, Stress, Travel Blend, Uplifting, Refillable Container, Custom Refillable Blends


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