Essential Oil Stick Incense


Simple, easy to use incense with all natural organic or wild grown essential oils that gently provide an emotional lift while purifying the air in your environment.

12 sticks in your choice of aroma blend

Won’t include wooden holder

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Natural essential oil incense will purify your environment and uplift your mood.  Incense has been used for centuries to enhance well-being and cleanse and purify the air in your space.

In your choice of scents:

Moonlight-patchouli, lavender, clary sage and bay laurel provide a fresh yet mysterious scent

Walk in the Woods-blood orange, Siberian fir needle, Pinion pine and fir balsam combine to take you into a cold, crisp forest

Winter Spice-orange, nutmeg, cinnamon bark and Siberian fir combine to create a crisp yet warm feeling

Crystalline-lemon, geranium and frankincense sacra create an uplifting, purifying aroma

Sunshine-lime, patchouli and peppermint eucalyptus will enhance your personal space

Bright Star-sweet orange, spearmint and vetiver creates a grounded, happy scent

Purify-frankincense sacra, eucalyptus and lavender disinfect the air while smelling beautifully!

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Moonlight, Walk in the Woods, Winter Spice, Purify, Crystalline, Sunshine, Bright Star


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