Using Roll-ons is an easy way to get the essential oil formula directly where you want it.

With our gemstone applicators, it makes it all the more energetically active!

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Our Roll-Ons are a simple convenient way to get quick relief for common problems. Each Roll-On has a base of organic  jojoba oil.


Anxiety-For those times when anxious feelings threaten to overwhelm you. A lovely blend of pure, authentic, organic essential oils of bergamot*, lavender and frankincense.

*furano coumarin free.

  • Headache

This non-medicated formula will be your go to for fast relief.  A blend of pure, authentic, organic essential oils of cornmint, lavender and linden blossom. Smells fresh and slightly floral.

  • Sleep

For those nights when counting sheep just isn’t working. Use as needed. Blended with pure, authentic, organic essential oils of hops flower, neroli/petitgrain, vetiver and chamomile German.

We recommend misting yourself and your bed linens with our Sleep Spray, too. Good night!

  • Tummy

For those times when you have eaten too much, or what you have eaten doesn’t like you. Here is a soothing and strengthening blend of pure, authentic, organic essential oils of red mandarin, black pepper, clove bud and spearmint.

  • Sinus

Our Breathe Easy Sinus Support formula now comes in an easy to carry roll-on. This pure, authentic, organic essential oil blend of Moroccan chamomile, niaouli, green myrtle, and lemon eucalyptus will have you breathing easier in no time.

  • Moles

Roll away those pesky moles that mar your skin with our Moles blend. Thought to be helpful for use on skin tags and light surface moles, apply 1-3x/day. Made from pure, authentic, organic essential oil of frankincense, and organic CO2 extracts of tea tree and lavender.

10 ml each

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Anxiety, Headache, Sleep, Tummy, Sinus, Moles


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