True: Citrus Perfume


Unexpectedly complex, True: Citrus greets you with unexpected head notes of black pepper, clary and ho wood.

Its middle notes emerge as a floral citrus with rose and may chang, a lush citrus scent. It is anchored by base notes of patchouli and rock rose.

Light, springy, and happy, this complex citrus natural perfume is one that can be worn by men and women and interestingly, can be easily mixed with True: Verdant.

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Many of our perfumes can be layered together.  True: Citrus mixes beautifully with True: Verdant.

The spray atomizer aerates the fragrance to allow you to get the purest form of the scent.

Spray your hair, nape of neck, pulse points or clothing to allow the scent to linger a little longer.

5 ml or 10 ml sizes

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5 ml, 10 ml


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